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What are the reasons why Northern Davao Cooperative Inc. (Nordeco) sometimes suffer trip-offs or brown-outs thus frustrating some of the more than 100,000 Members-Consumers-Owners (MCOS) of the power coop that holds a franchise over |Davao del Norte and Daavao de Oro?

1. Power generation problem by the National GrId Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

2. Large old trees crashing down on Nordeco electric poles

3. 10-wheeler trucks and other vehicles toppling down the poles in accidents

4. Lack of power supply from generation companies due to oil crisis

5. Repair work on transmission lines by Nordeco workers

6. Maybe the Russia-Ukraine War.

And, this will shock you : No. 7 is BIRD SUICIDES!

Nordeco of course is helpless against all the above. Trip offs from bird suicides however are solved pronto by Nordeco’s Warriors of Light who rush to the scene not to rescue the birds but to restore power.

NORDECO CSR IN ACTION in Shelter Assistance Program of Tagum City Government

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a civic duty to the community diligently pursued by Northern Davao Electric Cooperative Inc. (Nordeco).

The CSR program of Nordeco, which holds a franchise serving more than 100,000 Members-Consumers-Owners (MCOs), over Davao de Oro and part of Davao del Norte, covers a wide range of community concerns from health to education to shelter assistance to livelihod projects, among others.

Nordeco’s CSR is strongly supported with enthusiasm by its rank-and-file employees.

Twenty-six workers of the power coop went into action to participate in the Shelter Assistance Program of the City Government of Tagum on September 11, 2022 at Purok 4, Lapu-lapu, Canocotan, Tagum City.

The shelter program is one of the flagship projects of Tagum City Mayor Rey T. Uy.

“Nalipay mi nga nakatabang pinaagi niini nga aktibidad, nindot kaayo sa paminaw,” Guilbert M. Pucong said, one of the NORDECO employees.

Pucong is one of the twenty-six employees of Nordeco who participated in the power coop’s CSR mission.

The Nordeco workers were able to complete the flooring of two houses in four hours.


Northern Davao Electric Cooperative Inc, (Nordeco) has informed its Member-Consumer-Owners (MCOs) of the reason behind the increase in electricity bills during the month of August 2022.

Nordeco serves more than 100,000 MCOs within its twin franchises in Davao de Oro and parts of Davao del Norte.

In a statement, Nordeco pointed to increase in charges by Generation Companies supplying the power cooperative, due to higher cost of oil in the international market primarily triggered by the Russia-Ukraine war..

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Adding to the increase in generation charges is the increased Value-Added Tax (VAT) imposed by government.

The negative impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on prices and supply of oil is a universal phenomenon that affected not only power coops like Nordeco but also power giants like the Davao City-based Aboitiz-owned Davao Light and Power C. (DLPC) which was also forced to hike its power rates.