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Aquino, Roxas have no agenda for OFWs


President Benigno Aquino has apparently emerged as a campaigner for rivals of Mar Roxas in the 2016 presidential derby.

In his speech in Rome, Aquino further alienated Filipino Overseas Workers (OFWs) from Roxas, the standard bearer of the ruling Liberal Party who is already facing a potential ` boycott by Pinoy migrant workers.

Instead of tackling the plight of the overseas workers, Aquino, in the December 4 speech before about 500 OFWs at the Ergife Palace Hotel, campaigned for Roxas and skewered rivals of his former Interior secretary.

The campaign pitch did not sit well with the crowd that expected Aquino to speak on government policies on overseas workers, and drew varied reactions foremost of which is against Aquino’s apparent preference for politicking than the plight of the OFWs.

The Aquino stunt could further seal the political doom of Roxas, who had earlier been crucified by OFWs over the “Laglag-Bala” scandal in Philippine airports which also victimized overseas workers.

mar-laglag-bala4NO NEED FOR OFW VOTE

The militant group Migrante which is espousing rights of OFWs, had scored the Aquino government for the extortion by airport personnel who drop bullets into baggage of airplane passengers.

Roxas, also a former secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communication (DoTC) which has over-all control of Philippine airports, defended the Aquino administration by saying that government should not be faulted if OFWs are caught with bullets in their luggage.

Migrante reacted strongly to the Roxas statement with a threat It would mobilize OFWs against Roxas’ presidential bid.

Roxas was unfazed by the threat saying he does not need the OFW vote to win the election. Of the 54 million voters registered for the 2016 national elections, about 2.4 million are OFWs who are allowed to participate in the election.

Simple logic tells us that if the OFWs are not for Roxas they could go to Duterte, Binay, Poe or Santiago.

By now, the Aquino campaign speech in Rome that shoved concerns of the OFWs to the sideline, could have already reverberated in the 180,000-strong Dilipino community in Italy and the millions of Pinoy overseas workers spread in many countries around the world and their relatives in the Philippines.

If Roxas earned a tsunami of condemnation from OFWs worldwide for saying he does not need their votes, we expect another crucifixion for the Aquino candidate, with OFWs reacting stronger this time coupling their anger with burial hymns for the Roxas presidential bid.

The over-all frustration at the Aquino speech was vocalized by Liza Bueno, among the OFWs who attended the event, a side event during Aquino’s state visit to the Vatican.

“I did not hear any agenda related to OFWs. I am not yet convinced that I should vote for Roxas,” she said in a report in Philippine Star.

As a leader, he should be fair, said Bueno referring to Aquino’s endorsement of Roxas and his verbal assaults against the rivals of his pet candidate.

In his speech, Aquino made a shallow attempt to hide his politicking by not naming Roxas or presidential candidates Vice President Jejomar Binay of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino (PDP), independent candidate Senator Grace Poe and Senator Miriam Santiago.                                                                                                                             

“We dreamed and now our dreams came true. Are we going to hold back? We already have a companion who joined us and worked with us to transform our country, said Aquino clearly referring to Roxas.

“Why would we rely on those who only deliver promises? Aquino asked before dishing out verbal missiles at Roxas’ rivals.

No context, no plan, just criticism and half-baked promises, said Aquino of Poe. Poe has been leading in pre-poll surveys for presidential preference but his candidacy is imperiled by a disqualification case before the Commission on Election (Comelec) involving her questionable residency and citizenship.

He would kill many people if elected President, he blasted Duterte who is campaigning on an iron-fist anti-crime platform.

Aquino also said a candidate is accused of stealing people’s money alluding to Binay, who is facing corruption charges before the Ombudsman.

He also twitted Santiago who has been getting strong support in social media. “She is not aware that you cannot build roads or feed the hungry using only Facebook,” Aquino said.

smiley-gifAquino’s caper that has drawn a critical chasm between the 2.4 million-strong OFWs and the Roxas presidential bid is the latest fumbling act that could further strengthen Roxas’ franchise over the bottom of poll surveys.

Roxas has consistenly dominated the cellar of all surveys by Social Weather Station (SWS) and Pulse Asia.


Metro Manila, the country’s economic and political center, prefers Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte —who is known for his tough stance on crime—as the next President.

The upper and middle classes, as well as the poor, gave Duterte the highest scores among presidential aspirants in a survey conducted by Pulse Asia Research Inc. two weeks ago.

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Liberal Party bet Mar Roxas will suffer the most in Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte joining the 2016 presidential derby, a political analyst said.

“Mar Roxas will really suffer from this development,” said Ramon Casiple, executive director of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reform.

After earlier closing the door to a presidential run, Duterte on November 21, announced he would run for President.

The turn-around was sparked by the decision of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) that Poe, a foundling, was a natural-born citizen and qualified to sit as a senator.

The 5-4 decision in favor of Poe of the 9-member SET also removed any legal obstacle to Poe seeking the presidency.

Duterte described the SET decision as “showbiz” and insists Poe is not a natural-born citizen which is required of candidates for President under the Constitution.

Casiple described Duterte’s entry as a “game changer” that could impact on pre-poll survey ratings for presidential preference.

Previous surveys of both the Social Weather Station (SWS) and Pulse Asia had independent candidate Poe leading the pack, followed by Vice President Jejomar Binay of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), with Roxas at third and Duterte at the fourth spot.

Casiple said Duterte could rattle the rankings of the leading bets, but may not  drastically change the rankings of Poe and Binay.

With Duterte in the race, the “votes will now be spread around and one candidate will lose votes more than the others,” he said.

Explaining why a Duterte candidacy would be a disaster to Roxas, Casiple said Roxas’ bailiwick—the Visayas—will likely go for Duterte. He adds that the Davao City mayor is also very popular in Mindanao.

“Roxas was in the third spot while Duterte was in the fourth. If Duterte performs well, he can easily dislodge Mar from the third spot,” he added.

Casiple said he would not expect Duterte to jump to the top spot.

 “He is a game changer, not in the sense that he will be the frontrunner. Nor will he likely change the top one and top two posts held by Senator Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomar Binay,” said Casiple.

On November 21, Duterte first bared  he was running at the Philippine Gastroentrologists Society convention at the  Iloilo Convention Center.

My presidential candidacy is “on the table,” he told convention participants after describing the SET decisions as “flaunting the Constitution.”

He would reiterate the same announcement on the same day in Cavite while attending a birthday party of a lawyer friend.

On November 22, in Davao City, Duterte also bared his plan to run in a pre-taped edition of his weekly program Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa television program on ABS/CBN.


After months of giving mixed signals about his presidential bid, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday said he is finally going to run for the country’s top post.

During a party in Dasmariñas, Cavite, the feisty mayor said he decided to join the 2016 race after the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) voted against a petition to disqualify Senator Grace Poe on the grounds of her citizenship.

Supporters not surprised: Duterte declares bid for presidency

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte finally categorically declared on Saturday (November 21) his intention to run for president in the 2016 national elections  — which came as no surprise to many of his close and loyal supporters.

It was at a private party in Dasmariñas, Cavite, that Duterte finally declared his interest in joining the presidential race.

“What made me decide to run? Was it an offer for money? No,” he said. Gusto ko lang sabihin sa lahat stop [F-word] with the Filipinos… I have nothing against Grace but if you run for the highest post in the land… it must be reserved for a true-blue Filipino,” Duterte was quoted as saying. READ MORE

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