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gov del rosario for congressman

The Davao del Norte provincial government aims to make public schools in step with modern technology.

To start off the program, Governor Anthony “AGR” del Rosario is providing  television sets with video players to all elementary and secondary classrooms to improve teaching methods.

Bringing technology into the classrooms comes alongside continuing development programs for teachers and school administrators to raise to higher levels their teaching, administrative and leadership skills.
In the DavNor Sayron Ta radio program, AGR said the video and audio equipments bring a double-edged benefit to students and teachers: modern and innovative teaching methods for students and teachers no longer doing the laborious task of making  instructional materials and other visual aids.


With the equipment, classrooms can now play instructional materials, power point presentations and educational films provided by the Department of Education (DepEd), said AGR in the program.
The radio program aired every Sunday on Davao City-based RMN-DxDC is hosted by provincial information officer Ponyong Gabonada.
AGR also said teachers would be spared the labor of spending time and money on visual aids they make at home on time that should have been spent for their families.  
According to Gabonada, AGR was inspired to provide television sets to public schools after watching a teacher with crude hand-made visual aids during a surprise visit to a school in Kapalong town.
While the visual aids were good, AGR said he could not imagine the labor that the teachers put into them, which are either bought or made by the teachers themselves.
The teachers, already tired from teaching during the day,  make them at night in their home during times when they could be resting or attending to their families, AGR said.
Gabonada said from his experience in the Kapalong classroom, AGR decided to purchase television sets for all public schools.
So far, according to Gabonada, 600 32-inch television sets have already been distributed to several schools.
With the report of the wide-screen television sets being distributed by Capitol fast spreading in the province, we are getting more requests from school principals, Gabonada said, adding that another 600 units are to be released soon.
The governor wants the equipment in all schools in order to integrate modern technology into our education program, he adds.
Aside from introducing technology, AGR is also pushing for teachers, administrators and principals to enhance their teaching and administrative skills.
On November 19, Capitol sponsored the Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD) with lecturers from La Salle University.
CPD is a program required by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) on government workers.
The DavNor session held at the RDR Gym in Tagum City, was offered free of charge.  
Supervised by the DavNor Learning Institute, CPD, with about 250 participants, improved teachers’ skills and management and leadership skills of school principals and assistant principals.
AGR’s effort to introduce technology into the province’s public school system is expected to be pursued farther by AGR’s brother Board Member Rodolfo “Rodney” del Rosario Jr., who is running for governor in the 2019 elections.
AGR, who is not seeking reelection for governor and is contesting the First District congressional seat, is also expected to pump in more funds for DavNor’s educational front after the May polls next year.
The Del Rosario brothers are widely predicted to win ease in the coming polls.