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mad dog 2

The last-minute vile attacks by lying amok Senator Antonio Trillanes will not stop presidential race front runner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte from clinching the presidency in May.


Trillanes, running by his lonesome for vice president under his Magdalo Party, is utterly wrong if thinks he could impede Duterte’s race to victory with his expose of lies about the mayor’s alleged hidden wealth.



Like a deranged moron with a machinegun armed with duds, Trillanes’ foul mouth spewed out venom spiced up with allegations that Duterte had more than P200 million in hidden deposits at the Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) as well as billions of pesos worth of property not stated in the mayor’s statement of assets.

Trillanes’ hallucinations that began a week ago at the homestretch to E-Day is motivated by three reasons of the drowning dog cum senator yapping in gibberish to gain public attention for his losing presidential bid and to justify a P500 million pay-off from a presidential candidate to destroy Duterte.

One, the vain hope that publicity from the expose could bail him out of the ignominious  dishonor of having cornered the franchise over the bottom of surveys for vice president conducted by Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia.

Two, to gain concession (read Cabinet position) in case presidential candidates Senator Grace Poe or Mar Roxas wins the presidency and Duterte is defeated.

Three, the myopic view that his “demolition by perception” that shamed and dragged down presidential bet Vice President Jejomar Binay in a two-year inquisition by the Senate Blue Ribbon committee where he was the noisiest member would work on Duterte, who has led by a mile his rivals the four latest poll surveys of SWS and Pulse Asia.

Trillanes’ hallucinations are trademark symptoms of insanity that merit issuance by a psychiatrist of a prescription and a ticket to a mental institution.

There are a hundred reasons why the rabid dog senator will just have to accept his fate that he is unbelievable and that in the universe of politics he is nothing but an inconsequential passing dot.

But we will limit to three our arguments why ex-navyman Trillanes, after making a fool of himself with his expose against Duterte, needs a .45 to end his miserable fate and save himself from farther ignominy.

One, results of poll surveys, including by his own Magdalo Party, showed that Trillanes’ dream of becoming vice president has been consigned to the canal. The reformist and anti-corruption advocate that he falsely created for himself has been totally demolished and thrown down the drain with his current image of   a rabid dog spewing venomous lies to lift him up away from his misery of the reality that he could not be vice president.

Two,  Trillanes is a confirmed mad barking dog unleashed by the administration of Benigno Aquino who is exiting as President with his discredited and corruption-laced Tuwad na Daan program of governance as crowning glory and who has the incompetent, idiotic, crazy and stupid Mar Roxas as standard bearer of his Liberal Party.

A double-faced political prostitute, Trillanes is also a Doberman of independent candidate Senator Grace Poe, the housewife and kinder teacher who wants to lead the country as president.  

Trillanes playing the role of Duterte inquisitor, as he did in the case of Binay, with the hope of gaining concessions from Roxas and Poe if Duterte is defeated, is pure fantasy. Roxas and Poe, like Trillanes, have already been buried in the dustbin of political history in so far as the 2016 election is concerned. In recent poll surveys, Roxas and Poe ate dust behind Duterte more than 10 percentiles away. The public pulse says only cheating in the election by his well-funded rivals could steal away Duterte’s impending victory.

Three, other than the fact that the allegations of hidden wealth are lies without concrete proof except his insane ramblings, Trillanes unleashed his venom too late in the day, when poll surveys and public opinion already crowned Duterte as the next President of the Philippines. The mad dog wailed with his venomous mouth before an unbelieving public that already dismissed him as a liar.

There is no glory in Trillanes jubilating that he has helped pull down Binay to frustrate the presidential bid of the vice president. After two long years of exposing Binay’s alleged stolen billions, the vice president is still free. Trillanes’ allegations only certified him as a pure-blooded liar.

It has now turned out that the ‘demolition by perception” against Binay by Trillanes has no leg to stand on and merely a mad dog’s barkings aimed to gain points for his presidential bid.

Trillanes has wild thoughts he can do a Binay on Duterte with his “demolition by perception.”

Even if Trillanes sells his soul to the devil or shoot his head with a .45, the Duterte presidency is unstoppable. His “demolition by perception” against Binay may have been a success. But truth is behindDuterte who has the Filipinos behind him. If the yackitty-yacking senator  thinks he can destroy Duterte as he did Binay with his lies, Trillanes is dreaming like an inmate in a mental institution.

The amok’s lies about Duterte’s million-peso secret bank deposits have been denied by BPI which refused to issue a statement on the truthfulness of Trillanes’ wild claims.

The alleged bank documents on Duterte’s bank deposits that the loud-mouthed Trillanes waved before the public and media turned out to be forgeries.

Lies can dig graves for an amok like Trillanes.

By claiming he had bank records of Duterte’s alleged hidden deposits, the filthy amok violated the Bank Secrecy Law. So we we can expect that under the Duterte presidency, Trillanes would be in the unhappy company of other senators already incarcerated for grand thievery of public money.

And we will not even talk about Duterte’s vow to hunt down Trillanes for treason for engaging in backdoor diplomacy with China over the disputed South Philippine Sea.

And the economic sabotage that BPI will file against the senator for using the name of the bank in his insane mission to abort a Duterte presidency with lies.



Binay in a campaign sortie in Datu Paglas, Maguindanao

Under the presidency of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, there will be no peace in Mindanao, according to Vice President Jejomar Binay.

“We Muslims and Christians have the moral responsibility not to vote for Duterte,” Binay said during his meeting on April 16 with the Grand Mufti and Ustadz of Region 9 and Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi.

A decisive and compassionate leadership was needed to ensure lasting peace in Mindanao, said Binay.

Part of my priority agenda is to continue talking and working for lasting peace in Mindanao,” Binay said.




If elected president, Vice President Jejomar Binay promised to put behind bars presidential rival Rodrigo Duterte for his alleged involvement in extrajudicial killings in Davao City.

jejomar-binay-criminal-rapsBinay told reporters in Dipolog City that he will create an independent commission to investigate Duterte for the alleged summary executions and other human rights violations of the Davao Death Squad (DDS).

Kung ako ang maging presidente, ipakukulong ko ang mamamatay-bata at pumapapatay ng mga mahihirap….Sisiguraduhin ko na paparusahan ang Davao Death Squad kasama na si Duterte na ilang beses nang umaming siya ang Davao Death Squad,” he said.

(If I become president, I will put behind bars child-killers and those who kill the poor….I will make sure that the Davao Death Squad is punished, along with Duterte, who had admitted several times that he is the Davao Death Squad.)

BInay’s appeal for voters not to support “child killers and those who kill the poor” has become a regular fixture of his campaign speeches and interviews since last week, as he stepped up his attack against the Davao mayor, the new poll front-runner.