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Davao del Norte 1st District Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez is running as an independent candidate  in the 2019 mid-term election for lack of a valid Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance (CONA) from the Partido ng Demokratiko Pilipino/Lakas ng Bayan (PDP/Laban).

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has said that candidates without a CONA from an accredited political party  when they submitted their  Certificate of Candidacy (COC), will be listed as “independent candidates” by the poll body.
Alvarez’s  party mate, contractor Edwin Jubahib who is running for Davao del Norte governor, and other candidates under the Alvarez Wing will likewise be considered as “independent candidates.”  
The Alvarez Wing is a personal  political bloc organized by Alvarez, former Speaker of the House of Representatives who was ousted in a coup in July that installed former President now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
Alvarez is seeking reelection in the local elections in May next year.
Alvarez was the secretary general of PDP/Laban but was “ousted” and replaced during a general assembly organized by a bloc inside the party days after he was kicked out of the speakership on July 23.
Alvarez led his line-up in the Alvarez Wing in filing in Tagum City their COCs on October 17 as candidates of the PDP/Laban.
The CONAs of Alvarez had his candidates under the Alvarez Wing carried the signature of Compostela Valley Board Member Peter Ruel Gonzaga as the PDP/Laban Davao Region chairman.
But Cesar Cuntapay,  PDP/Laban vice chairman for Mindanao said, their CONAs were invalid.
In a phone interview with Topnewsnow on November 1, Cuntapay said Gonzaga who was appointed by Alvarez, lost that position when Alvarez was ousted as secretary general during a general assembly of the PDP/Laban.
Cuntapay said he should be the signatory to the CONAs of PDP/Laban, being now also the PDP/Laban Davao Region Council chairman.
He said his name, not Gonzaga’s, appears as PDP/Laban signatory to the CONAs for Davao Region in the list of authorized signatories submitted by PDP/Laban central committee to the Comelec.
Alvarez’s CONA signed by Gonzaga is a “forgery and falsified public documents,” Cuntapay told Topnewsnow.
He intimated that the COCs of Alvarez and his group, with PDP/laban listed as their national party,  were initially refused acceptance by the Davao del Norte Comelec because their CONAs were signed by Gonzaga who was not authorized by PDP/Laban in its submission to the Comelec.
Even as their COCs were accepted by the Comelec,  they will be considered as independent candidates and not PDP/Laban candidates because they were not issued  CONAs signed by an authorized officer of the PDP/Laban, said Cuntapay, citing the Comelec rule on accepting CoC and CONA.
Cuntapay, who is running for mayor in Davao del Norte’s capital city of Tagum, will carry the banner of the PDP/Laban in next year’s polls being the chairman of the Davao Region council.



Alvarez, along with PDP/Laban president Senator Koko Pimentel were among officials of the party of President Rodrigo Duterte, who were booted out of their positions during the PDP/Laban 11th National Assembly held on July 27, 2018 at the Amoranto Stadium in Quezon City.
Duterte remained as the party’s national chairman, while then Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Bong Go retained his position as national auditor.
Rogelio Garcia, PDP-Laban national council chair, was elected as national council president, to replace Pimentel.
Willy Talag, president of PDP-Laban Makati City council and chair of the membership committee of the National Capital Region chapter, was elected to take over the position of Alvarez.
The assembly, organized by a bloc inside PDP/Laban led by Garcia, was attended by members from party councils from various provinces in Mindanao;  Bulacan, Laguna, Cavite, and other parts of Metro Manila.
Pimentel has refused to recognize the new set officers.
Duterte has told the warring groups to “go their separates ways” after  a failed attempt to reconcile the Pimentel and Garcia groups.


In next year’s political battle, Alvarez and his Alvarez Wing will be up against the formidable and politically-entrenched group of Governor Anthony del Rosario and 2nd District Antonio Floirendo Jr. under the banner of the Hugpong Ng Pagbabago (HNP), a regional political party organized by presidential daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.
Gov. del Rosario will challenge the reelection of Alvarez while Floirendo will defend his position against Vice Governor Alan Dujali of the Alvarez Wing.
HNP will have Board Member Rodney del Rosario vs. the neophyte Jubahib of the Alvarez Wing in the gubernatorial race.

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Mayor Duterte-Carpio was expected to play key role in the Davao del Norte electoral battle as she had vowed to personally campaign against the reelection of Alvarez.
This after the then sitting House Speaker in early July this year, reportedly called HNP as an “opposition party” without the blessing of President Duterte.
Badly hurt, the presidential daughter called Alvarez an “asshole,” and a “liability to the Duterte administration.”
She  also called on congressmen to oust Alvarez as Speaker.
Mayor Duterte-Carpio is said to have flexed political muscle by marshalling support of congressmen in the ouster of Alvarez.



KOKO: Uson should stay away from the federalism campaign and take a leave of absence to “study first”.

NENE: it’s important that she disseminates correct information and that she knows what she is talking about.




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No ‘pepe’ in ‘Pepedederalismo

PDP-Laban declares Alvarez as ‘persona non grata’

pdp labanAfter being accused of allowing entry of narco-politicians and causing division in the party, the ruling Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Laban (PDP-Laban), has declared House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez as ‘persona non grata.’


The PDP-Laban has issued a resolution declaring Speaker Alvarez as ‘persona non grata’ for acts inimical to the party, according to Rogelio Garcia, former labor undersecretary and party chairman for Region 12, and Cesar Cuntapay, interim president of Southern Mindanao regional council.
The statements of Garcia and Cuntapay were quoted in media reports following complaints of PDP-Laban leaders that Alvarez is conducting an unauthorized  nationwide reorganization of the PDP-Laban and recruitment of new members.
Alvarez, secretary general of the PDP-Laban, is touring the country in a recruitment binge for the administration party.
Accordingly, the massive recruitment of new party members by Alvarez has opened the floodgates for entry of narco-politicians.
Alvarez was also accused of  creating division in the party’s regional level by replacing old party members with new recruits.
The accusation against Alvarez is doubly serious, and insulting to President Duterte, in that the administration has an ongoing campaign against illegal drugs.
President Duterte has vowed to eradicate the  illegal drugs trade that involves police, military and government officials.
Raising fear that the entry of narco-politicians into the administration party could undermine the President’s war on drugs, PDP-Laban regional leaders earlier said they were planning to raise their complaints against Alvarez  to President Duterte.
Benito Ranque, PDP-Laban deputy secretary general, said the party is monitoring reports that a number of narco-politicians were able to join the PDP-Laban through Alvarez’s recruitment.
The PDP-Laban will not be a “sanctuary” for narco-politicians, said Ranque, who vowed to continue to oppose Alvarez’s ongoing recruitment.
Some politicians want to become PDP-Laban members thinking they can get away from their misdeeds. But the party will not become their sanctuary, he said.
 Speaking out against the Speaker, Cesar Cuntapay, PDP-Laban coordinating council chairman in Mindanao, also opposed the ongoing party reorganization conducted by Alvarez.
Cuntapay said Alvarez is creating instability in the party through his unauthorized recruitment of members and replacing old party members with new recruits.
According to Cuntapay, the reorganization that includes massive recruitment, was not consulted with the national leadership and  violated PDP-Laban protocols.
Cuntapay said Alvarez swore in the new members without them going through a basic membership seminar, which is mandated by the PDP-Laban constitution and bylaws.
Cuntapay said PDP-Laban regional leaders would bring up the issues against Alvarez to President Duterte.


moro rebels

President Rodrigo Duterte wants Proclamation No. 216 declaring Martial in Mindanao extended to 60 days.

The Senate and the House of Representatives will meet in joint session on July 22 to discuss the extension that  Duterte asked during a meeting with senators and congressmen on July 17.


Proclamation No. 216, constitutionally limited to 60 days, was issued by Duterte on May 23 as Maute Group terrorists attacked and occupied parts of Marawi City on May 22, ends on July 22.
pimentelSenate President Aquilino “Koko”  Pimentel said  the President asked “sixty days of martial law extension and still over entire Mindanao,” according to Rappler.
Pimentel, who was in the meeting with House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and some majority senators and congressmen, sent the information through text message in response to an inquiry on the President’s position on martial law, said Rappler.
According to Rappler, Pimentel said Duterte also requested that the Senate and Hous convene in joint session on July 22 to discuss his request for extension of Proclamation No. 216.



alvarez pimentel

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez is sending the message that terrorists are in control of Marawi City.

This is the fatal comment that Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel dished out against Alvarez’s proposal to extend Martial Law in Mindanao for five years or up to the end of the term of President Rodrigo Duterte.
Senators have taken turns in shooting down the proposal of Alvarez that has gained widespread criticism, including Malacanang, the Department of National Defense and members of the House of Representatives.

lorenzana 2

Proclamation No. 216, issued by President Duterte on May 23 is constitutionally limited to 60 days and would end on July 22.
Under the Constitution, the President may seek an extension that has to be approved in joint session by the Senate and the House.
Pimentel and Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero said only President Duterte, not Alvarez, can decide on whether or not to extend Martial Law declared by the President in wake of the terrorist attack on Marawi City.
Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito, who says he is prone to support an extension, is also against the Alvarez proposal to extend martial law up to 2022, at the end of the President’s term.
“Not during the entire term of President Duterte, “ said Ejercito, an administration ally.
Pimentel, president of the ruling Partido Demokratiko Pilpino-Laban (PDP-Laban), was fatal on the Alvarez proposal.
Alvarez is sending a “message that rebellion is still there. Pag-isipan mabuti ‘yan,” Pimentel told GMA News.
“The request/initiative for extension should come from the President, who was the one who declared martial law,” Pimentel said in a text message.
Escudero also frowned on Alvarez’s idea saying  that it is only the President who could seek an extension.
Ejercito said there is need for senators to better understand the situation in Marawi. He said he has requested Pimentel that the President’s security cluster brief the senators on what is happening on the ground.

Duterte reaches out to foes, calls for national healing



Partido Demokratikong Pilipino–Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) president Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III is “happy and optimistic” about the result of the election and echoed standard bearer Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s call for healing.

“We are reaching out to the other parties. We can start collaboration under the new administration,” Pimentel told reporters at a press conference a few minutes after polls closed on Monday.

Partial returns show that Duterte is leading the other candidates by a wide margin.

Pimentel, however, also expressed “extreme disappointment” at the high number of reported vote counting machines (VCMs) that malfunctioned on election day.

“These are supposed to be brand new VCMs. We rented them in two batches, at P39,000 per machine for the first batch and P48,000 for the next batch. These are brand new and yet they malfunctioned,” he said.

Pimentel, who is chair of the Senate Committee on Electoral Reforms and People’s Participation as well as the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the Automated Election System, said he was assured by Smartmatic, the firm that supplied the VCMs to the Commission on Elections (Comelec), that the machines would work.

Pimentel said according to Comelec, only 70 VCMs malfunctioned, a small percentage of the 97,000 that were used on election day.

But he said in Mindanao alone, PDP-Laban documented 78 VCMs that malfunctioned.

“I don’t care about percentage, that this is a small percentage of the number of machines not functioning. I am looking at people, the number of voters who have been disenfranchised or greatly inconvenienced,” he said.

Pimentel said after the election, he will call on Comelec to require Smartmatic to explain properly and in detail the high number of VCMs that malfunctioned.

“In the meantime I am requesting Comelec to withhold payment from Smartmatic until it has satisfactorily explained what happened,” he added.

Pimentel said the party is also studying the possibility of asking the courts or the Department of Justice (DOJ) to issue a form of hold departure order against executives of Smartmatic.

“They should not leave the country until they satisfactorily explain before the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the Automated Election System what happened,” he said.

For her part, PDP Laban spokesperson lawyer Paola Alvarez said the party is concerned regarding the “massive vote buying and selling” that happened on election day.

She also said her office has received numerous complaints about election offenses.

“We call on the Comelec to be more vigilant and act on these matters as soon as possible because they are a threat to the will of the people,” she said.