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Incoming DA chief eyes street dwellers for green house agri program
By Lilian C. Mellejor

The incoming Secretary of the Department of Agriculture (DA) will engage the street dwellers in highly-urbanized cities to do the green house agricultural farming to make them productive and push food sufficiency.

This will also be a step towards reducing poverty incidence of the country’s growing population.

But first, incoming DA Secretary Emmanuel Piñol will embark on a nationwide feeding program through “Lugawan” which is anchored on the President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s principle: “No one must sleep hungry”.

Piñol said this could be a venue to develop a data base of people, who have become unproductive and stay only in the streets. These people especially their children are vulnerable to insecurity.

It may be recalled that Duterte as mayor of the city, has an ongoing Lugawan program at Rizal Park for street dwellers although some other people who cannot buy food go to the park to eat at sunrise and at sundown.

Piñol said this will be copied on national scale but the targeted people will have to be registered for data base. He however clarified the program does not promote “dole out principle”.

Piñol in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), targets July 6 to start the “Lugawan” in one of the public parks in Manila.

According to him, the data base will be used to identify and locate these people and train them for livelihood particularly on the agriculture innovative technology offered by an Israeli investor. This will make them productive and self-sufficient.

When asked about the possible areas, Pinol said the project does not require vast lands so it could be in any vacant lots nearer to the targeted beneficiaries.

Last year, the project was discussed with the mayor, who then offered one area in Mintal for one module of the agricultural Greenhouse with a size of 272 square meters as pilot area.

Piñol introduced to Duterte, Eyal Ben Ari, president of the Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry and owns GurLavi Corporation, which brings the Greenhouse Israeli Agro-Innovative Technology in the Philippines.

The Greenhouse Israeli Agro-Innovative Technology is a solution aimed at helping the country’s agricultural sector increase quality and quality of crops. Greenhouse is practiced by growers in different parts of the world and possible in all types of climatic conditions. He said it is widely practiced in Israel due to scarcity of water and land.

The company’s agronomist, Beatrice Cortez, said earlier that the intention is to help the agriculture industry of the country and other cities like Davao and other places in Mindanao. Cortez, a Filipina working for GurLavi said the green house and its technology model was set up in Tagaytay.

Greenhouse is a structure where plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers are grown. It attracts heat because the sun’s electromagnetic radiation warms the plants. It has climate control features such as computerized greenhouse, regulated light ad photosynthesis, controlled humidity and air circulation and ventilation.

Among the benefits of the greenhouse technology is income generation for farmers, land utilization, raising any crop, anywhere and anytime, produce high quality products and increased crop production by as much as 500 percent. It is equipped with an installation system where the operation is programmed as to light, humidity, temperature, irrigation and others. (PNA)


Davao City is my second home.


While I was born and raised in North Cotabato, this is the city where I first went to college as a scholar and working student, where I first worked as a trainee-newswriter under a newsman named Tony Ajero and later as a cub reporter under a young editor named Jess Dureza and this is where my children study and work now.

I love the slow and easy daily life and I know Davao City like the palm of my hand.

Davao City is safe. The mindset of people is a lot different than in other areas around the country.

A few months ago, my niece, Amena Dawn, dropped her IPhone in a trisikad, that’s actually a cab with a bicycle and a driver pedalling it. She did not notice she lost her phone until the trisikad driver, who was pedalling profusely, called her out and returned her expensive phone.

Rewards? None. Just a sincere thank you and the poor trisikad driver went back to his work.

Several accounts have been made about how visiting tourists to Davao City were able to recover valuables they left behind in taxi cabs, of how they could walk freely in the city streets in the middle of the night without getting molested or mugged, of how they could just leave behind their phones and valuables on top of the table in restaurants to go to the toilet and come back to see these untouched.

Davao City, with almost 2 million people, has its shares of crime. No place could proclaim that it is crime free.

There will always be a criminal mind among us. Even when we were in the grade school, there was always somebody who stole our pencil and ballpen, and even our “baon.”

The difference between Davao City and the other areas around the country is how the leaders and authorities handle and address criminal activities.

About four months ago, a taxi driver was robbed at gunpoint by two men, who later shot him dead.

Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte reacted right away. He visited the wake and assured the family that justice would be served by morning of the following day. Before dawn, one of the killers was dead and the other had disappeared.

It was quick but there are criminal activities which take some time before they are solved.

Five months ago, jeepney passengers travelling the Matina to Downtown route complained to the police that their bags were snatched by a lone thief who would jump off the jeepney and run towards the fairways of the Davao City Golf Club in Matina.

The bags were recovered by the policemen near Hole No. 7 of the golf course. I know because I was there when they recovered a bag.

This string of snatching incidents went on for about two weeks. In all, 27 bags were stolen and dumped near Hole No. 7. But this is a story which show people how the authorities of Davao City handle even petty crimes victimizing ordinary people.

When the snatching incidents occurred, I saw plainclothes policemen in the fairway posing as caddies. Residents of the subdivision surroundig the golf course also joined the watch.

When the policemen did not get the snatcher in their daylight watch, they stayed in the golf course the whole night. In the morning, I would see three or four of them with dark big eyebags after a night-long stake-out.

After bag No. 27 was snatched, the policemen finally got the snatcher and by their account, the suspect had a gun and fought the policemen. He was dead.

The people’s reaction? “Mirisi,” that’s the local lingo for “Good for you.”

Yes, statistics will show that there are crimes committed in Davao City just like in other areas but there is none of the Martilyo Gang or the Riding in Tandem assassins, or carnappers who kill the owners of the vehicles.

Yes, crimes are committed in Davao City but the thing that makes the difference is how authorities respond to the criminal incidents and the success ratio in solving the crime. They call that Crime Solution Efficiency Rating or CSER.

Yes, some people violate the law in Davao City but what makes this city different from the others is the mindset of the people.

Davaoeños are extremely proud of their city. They believe they are the owners and guardians of their city and they are responsible for its upkeep.

Try smoking in public places and the civilians themselves will accost you. Try beating the red light and other motorists will chase you.

In one conversation I had with Mayor Duterte, I told him that his greatest accomplishment in Davao City is not the label of being one of the Safest Citiies in the World to Live in but in transforming the people of the city from a non-caring and indifferent residents to responsible and involved stakeholders and co-owners of their community.

Davao City has its own shares of crimes like quarrels between husband and wife, stabbings here and there and others but it has none of the Rugby boys loitering in the streets, none of the Riding in Tandems, none of the Akyat Bahay Gangs and none of the carnappers who kill their victims.

In instances where petty crimes happen, civilians and policemen are there to help.

Also, in Davao City, even the daughter of the Mayor, who herself is a former Mayor, and an incumbent Congressman are arrested and fined for overspeeding.

That is what makes Davao City safer than the other cities.

Mar Roxas knows this. In fact, just a few months ago when he was courting Duterte to agree to be his Vice Presidential running mate, he was singing praises and hallelujah to the peaceful paradise that is Davao City.

But Mar’s view of things could violently swing from one end to the other, just like his mood and his temper.

In times when he believes you could be useful in achieving his agenda, you are the sweetest person on earth but that would change when your usefulness is over.

Yesterday, Davao City was the epitome of Mar Roxas’ peaceful and orderly community.

Today, as Duterte stands as the major obstacle to his dream of becoming President, Roxas says that Davao’s claim to being one of the safest cities in the world is nothing but a myth.

Yesterday, a friend. Today an enemy.

Yesterday, a fact. Today, a myth.

Classic Mar Roxas who is at a loss on whether to present himself as a Wharton University-educated economist or a trisikad driver, a kargador of a sack of onions, or a traffic aide.



manny pinol & mayor rodrigo duterte
manny pinol & mayor rodrigo duterte

A Mindanao political leader said Mar Roxas, the presidential bet of the administration, could not win in Mindanao because he fails to “capture the imagination of the people.”

The dismal assessment of the chances of the candidate of the Liberal Party was expressed by former North Cotabato Governor Manny Pinol when  asked if Roxas would get the Mindanao vote if Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would not run for president in the 2016 elections.

Pinol, among key Mindanao politicians pushing Duterte to run, earlier said Mindanaoans would be a solid vote for Duterte if the feisty mayor, a top contender in surveys on voters’ presidential preference, would run.

Duterte has kept to himself his final plan, leaving Pinol and other supporters in limbo. He has however repeatedly said that he was not interested in the top Malacanang post.

The latest survey by Pulse Asia  showed that Mindanaoans would vote for Duterte after independent candidate Senator Grace Poe with Vice Vice President Jejomar Binay the third choice and Roxas landing at the fourth spot.

The Duterte votes would go to Binay, said Pinol in an interview by ABS/CBN’s DXAB radio in Davao City on October 9.

Explaining why the votes would not go to Roxas or Poe, Pinol said public perception and upbringing of the two candidates would impact on voters’ choice. He said the two are perceived as distances away from the poor.

Mar and Grace are “silver spoon and aircon” babies who because of their upbringing could not empathize with the poor.

When they grew up they only had maids and drivers they could push around, he said, adding both have no contact whatever with poverty during their childhood.

Roxas is a product of the landed Roxas clan of Aklan and the ultra-rich Araneta family of Quezon City.

Poe, the adopted daughter of the late action king Fernando Poe Jr and actress Susan Roces, is of the same upbringing.

Pinol was harsher on Roxas.

He has never captured the imagination of the Filipinos, he said when asked about Roxas’ chances.

Further firing from the hip verbal missiles at Roxas, Pinol said people should know more about how the former Interior Secretary treats his people with his temper.

Maids, drivers, people under him, they have lots of stories to tell, said Pinol.

Roxas has served three presidents: Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Benigno Aquino.


By Manny Piñol

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has disowned a statement issued by a political strategist that he has made up his mind on the Presidency and will definitely run in the 2016 elections.

A statement issued by the Mayor through his official spokesman, former Davao City Council Peter Tiu Laviña said “the news this afternoon at GMA News attributed to Lito Banayo was his own opinion or reading of the situation.”

Banayo, former administrator of the National Food Authority and a political strategist who volunteered to help Duterte during the “Listening Tour” on Federalism, issued a statement which was aired by GMA News that the Davao City Mayor was sure to run for President.

Banayo’s announcement came as Mayor Duterte was in the process of “soul-searching” and consulting his family who had opposed the call for him to run for President.

“Mayor Duterte stands by his statement last night (Friday) that he has not made a final decision on running for President in 2016,” the statement said.

“We reiterate his call for his supporters and everyone to just wait and see if he will file his candidacy on October 15 or before the deadline set by the COMELEC,” the statement said.

Mayor Duterte took exception to the timing of the announcement of his supposed decision to run as it was made at the same time Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. made his formal statement to run for the Vice Presidency.

“The timing of this news release, however, has left a bad taste in the mouth as we received complaints that it was meant to crowd out the scheduled declaration rally of one vice presidential candidate,” said the statement.

“Mayor Duterte has no such intention to do so and has even been shying away from media as he continues his “soul searching,” the statement added.

Banayo is known to be endorsing Senator Alan Peter Cayetano to be the vice presidential running mate of Mayor Duterte should he decide to run.

Both Cayetano and Marcos have expressed their support for Mayor Duterte in case he runs for President.

While Banayo has been helping the Duterte camp in media networking and political arrangements, he is neither the official spokesman or the political adviser of Mayor Duterte as he had previously announced.

The official spokesman of Mayor Duterte is Peter Tiu Laviña, a long-time friend of the Mayor, while his political adviser is Maribojoc, Bohol Mayor Jun Evasco.

Evasco, a former Catholic priest who served as Duterte’s political adviser for over 20 years, is seldom seen in public with the Mayor.

“The official Facebook account of the mayor is Rody Duterte, the other accounts and pages claiming to do so are not,” the statement advised.