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Director General Harold Clavite of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), wants Mocha Uson out of the government information machinery for continuously “tarnishing the image of the government”.

Clavite slammed Uson, an assistant secretary at the Presidential Communications Operation Office (PCOO),  after she figured in a controversial video on federalism that he said also insulted women and her fellow government workers.
PIA is an agency under the PCOO.
The video has sparked widespread criticisms and calls for Uson to resign. Clavite has urged Uson to apologize to the public and go on leave.
“We have been sitting idly by for too long, and it is about time that someone speaks up and hold (Uson) accountable for repeatedly tarnishing the reputation of our government,” Clarite said in a Facebook post.
Uson, a sexy club dancer, popular blogger and a rabid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, has stirred controversy after controversy for her public pronouncements and Facebook posts since joining PCOO headed by Secretary Martin Andanar.
Uson made the controversial video as she was tapped by government to assist in the information campaign on federalism.
The video of Uson’s “Good Morning Game Show” on Facebook, was spiced up with a federalism dance and jingle routine, performed by blogger Drew Olivar, Uson’s co-host.
The federalism jingle, which carried words that referred to female body parts, is now popularly known as “pepedederalismo”. In local lingo, “pepe” is vagina while “dede” is breast.
The video is “degrading to the women and mothers in our communities”, said Clavite.
“I  urge Ms Mocha Uson to take a leave of absence to think and reconfigure all her strategies putting into consideration the code of conduct and ethical standards that all public officials should adhere to,” said Clavite
“Uson’s actions since her appointment have time and again proven to be in poor taste — a display of an utter lack of judgment and have maligned our profession as government communicators,” said Clavite.
According to Clavite, Uson’s actions and statements since joining PCOO put to waste the seminars and trainings on proper communication of government information conducted by PIA.
“As a public servant and being part of the PCOO family, I take great offense in Ms Uson’s actions, which continuously damage the rectitude of my communication and public information agenda,” said Clavite.
“I can no longer let her obscure and vilify my honest work in helping the President, this government, and this country, as well as the efforts that we have painstakingly and patiently put into place under my leadership in PIA for the past two years,” said Clavite.



KOKO: Uson should stay away from the federalism campaign and take a leave of absence to “study first”.

NENE: it’s important that she disseminates correct information and that she knows what she is talking about.




Irate Sotto

No ‘pepe’ in ‘Pepedederalismo

Kris Aquino willing to campaign for Bong Go

Popular TV television host and actress Kris Aquino is willing to campaign for Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go if he decides to run for senator in the 2019 mid-term elections.

Go said Aquino mentioned this in her text message to the former while conveying her dismay at Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson’s post on social media criticizing the actress’ father, the late former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino.

“You know I will even campaign for you because I believe in you, but why leave the President? Why leave Malacanang? Maybe a snake will take your position,” Kris told Go in a text message on June 5 while he and his boss, President Rodrigo Duterte, were on a plane bound for Manila from Seoul, South Korea.

The youngest sister of former President Benigno Aquino III said she considers Go as her friend.

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“We have been friends and my heart wants to believe you still have a soft spot for me. I will understand if you snub me because who am I anyway, but my heart was hurt by what Mocha did,” Aquino said in her message to Go, which the presidential aide read out in a press conference on June 6 (Wednesday).

In response, Go thanked the former Presidential sister for the support but thumbed down the idea of seeking a Senate seat amid growing clamor for him to run.

“Ma’am Kris I’m not a candidate but thank you so much for your trust and your faith to President Duterte,” Go replied to Aquino.

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Go said Duterte has instructed him to apologize to Kris Aquino for Uson’s post comparing the late senator being kissed by two women to President Rodrigo Duterte who kissed a Filipina on the lips in a recent gathering of Filipino community in Seoul, South Korea.

He said Uson also agreed to apologize to Aquino, whose mother, Cory Aquino, served as the country’s first female president from 1986 to 1992.

Respectful to women

Meanwhile, Go explained that there was no malice in the President’s gesture to solicit a kiss from one of two women whom he called on stage to receive copies of a book after giving a long speech before over 2,000 Filipinos.

“The President has high respect for women,” Go, Duterte’s most trusted aide since he was mayor of Davao City, said.

“I do not do it in public if there is malice,” Duterte said in a media interview after he arrived from a fruitful trip to South Korea on Wednesday.

“I never felt any sensation if that is what you mean. I can only generate an emotion if a kiss a woman I love. Any other stranger is pure showbiz,” the President added.

No malice

Bea Kim, one of the nearly 2,000 Filipinos present during the meeting with the President, earlier said there was no malice in the President’s gesture.

“The kiss was just like a twist to entertain the audience. It had no meaning. For him and for me, it had no meaning,” she said.

Duterte said he will resign if all women will sign a petition for him to resign amid public uproar ignited by the President’s controversial kiss. (PNA)



Did Mocha Uson perform at the gambling casino of Resorts World Manila (RWM)?



Where did she perform in RWM?

At Bar 360, the entertainment hub of RSW.

RWM is an integrated resort complex that includes a casino, hotels, restaurants, a shopping mall and a theater, among others.
Uson and her Mocha Girls regularly perform at Bar 360, not the casino, of RWM.
Resorts World Manila should not be confused with the casino it operates.
Bar 360, is one of the stand-alone components of the RWM complex, that include the casino,
Newport Performing Arts Theater, Newport Mall, Marriott Hotel,
Marriott Grand Ballroom, and Remington Entertainment Center.
Bar 360 is the entertainment hub of RWM and not part of the casino operation.
The casino is located at the 2nd Floor of the RWM complex; Bar 360 is at the ground floor.
Uson, Assistant Secretary at the Office of the Presidential Communications Office (Malacanang) has been reported as having performed at the RWM ‘casino,’ in violation of a Malacanang memorandum order barring government officials and employees from entering ‘gambling casinos.’


For her alleged violation, Uson was severly attacked by a blog openly critical of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

fake news 2PINOY AKO BLOG

Did Uson violate the memorandum?
Precisely because she did not perform at the RWM casino, but at Bar 360, which is not a gambling casino, but an entertainment hub at the RWM.
If Uson is accused of violating a Malacanang memorandum for doing her act at Bar 360, her critics are saying that she could not shop at a mall, check in at an hotel, eat at a restraurant, see a movie or view a theatrical presentation at the Resort World Manila complex!