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SENATOR LACSON: Dealing with COVID-19 as a Nation


The Covid-19 ‘lockdown’


The Metro Manila “lockdown,” “community quarantine,” or whatever the authorities may call it, is one decisive action taken by the government that needs the support of our people, no matter the sacrifices or inconvenience it brings.

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But then again, government must lose no time in coming up with practical but effective ways of implementing it to serve its real purpose for our country to survive this unprecedented crisis that we are facing.

For its part, the Department of Health’s Inter-Agency Task Force (DOH-IATF) should issue clear, simple and concise guidelines on dealing with COVID-19 to prevent confusion among the public, as so many doctors and medical experts have been expressing different opinions on it, particularly on its transmission.

One example involves former DOH Sec. and now Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin being quoted as saying COVID-19 is infectious only when the patient is symptomatic, and that quarantine should be mandatory only for those who had direct contact with positive patient, on the one hand; and on the other, Chinese researchers reportedly confirmed a case of asymptomatic transmission where a woman from Wuhan passed it to five kin but never got physically sick herself.

Meanwhile, self-quarantine is not for oneself but for the sake of other peopleInsisting to work or move around in spite of full knowledge of interaction with a possible COVID-19 carrier is not a laudable act. It is in fact damnable.

Citizens must also do their part by practicing self-discipline and self-control against thoughtless acts such as hoarding and profiteering at the expense of fellow Filipinos.

This is not the time to argue and fight. Instead, we should all unite to get over this plague. Sen. Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson


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‘Survivor bill’ to have more exhaustive line of presidential succession


A bill providing an exhaustive order of presidential succession in the event of death, permanent disability, removal from office, or resignation has been filed at the Senate to ensure continuity and stability of operations in government.

According to a statement on Thursday, Senator Panfilo Lacson filed Senate Bill 982, or the “designated survivor” bill, to ensure that the Office of the President is never vacated even in exceptional circumstances.
He cited that the present constitutional provision states that the line of presidential succession includes the Vice President, Senate President, and House of Representatives Speaker.
In his bill, Lacson proposed that in case of death or permanent disability of those specified in the Constitution, the following elected and appointed officers — who are not under any disability to discharge the powers and duties of the Office of the President — shall act as President in the following order: the most senior senator, based on the length of service in the Senate; the most senior representative, based on the length of service in the House; and the member of the Cabinet designated by the President.
The bill also proposes that before any public or private activity, event or function with the attendance of the President, Vice President and ranking officials, the President shall designate a member of the Cabinet to be sequestered in a secret and secure location.
“In the event of an extraordinary circumstance resulting in the death or permanent disability of the President, Vice President, and the officials mentioned (in the proposed law), the designated member of the Cabinet shall act as President,” the bill read.
It also stated that official actions of the acting President pertaining to the day-to-day operation of the government shall remain effective unless revoked by the elected President within 90 days from his or her assumption of office.



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Senator Panfilo Lacson and Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito took turns in lashing at Senator Antonio Trillanes after the opposition senator accused senators of being “puppets” of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Lacson, a member of the majority in the Senate, said Trillanes is “hallucinating too much.”
Senators, according to Trillanes, have become lapdogs of Duterte.
Itong Senado na dati ay ‘yan yung last bastion of democracy eh ngayon, wala na, para na rin kaming mga tuta nitong administrasyon na ito. Ni ayaw mag-imbestiga eh. Dito ako makakakita ng mga senador na takot, kaalyado ka na lang kasi ayaw mo aminin na takot ka eh,” he said in a press conference on July 2. 

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 “I don’t know where he is coming from and I’m not even sure if he is still rationale in his thinking. One thing I’m sure about, he is dead wrong. He is so out of touch with reality, if not hallucinating too much,” Lacson told reporters in a text message.
As puppets of Malacanang, Trillanes, who is severely critical of Duterte, likened the senators to dogs with tails between the legs, afraid of the President.
“‘Yung mga dapat sana na pumuna eh wala eh, sila yung mga bahag ang buntot,” he said.
Ejercito earlier suggested  filing of complaint against  Trillanes in the Senate committee on ethics, but has mellowed down to demanding that the opposition senator apologize to his colleages.. 
“If a person apologizes, end of story. As long as he admits his mistake, end of story. An apology would be good for the institution — not for me — the institution,” Ejercito said in a Kapihan press conference on Wednesday.
Ejercito said that he would rather not file a complaint and would wait until he gets the chance to speak to his colleagues before doing so.
The Senate resumes its regular sessions on July 24.
“I do not want to do this to anybody…but I hope Sen. Trillanes should realize that he should not generalize his colleagues,” Ejercito said.
“We could debate on issues, we may have heated exchanges but we have to refrain from insulting each other because it’s in the Senate rules,” he added.
Ejercito also stressed that Trillanes lapdog comment about senators  is not true because the Senate, as an independent institution, was given the mandate by voters and not by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.
He said that it was not fair to assume that those who agreed with the President were immediately lapdogs as it was not all the time that senators were against the President’s policies.
“We have to give (the President) a chance. It’s not all the time we are against him. Constructive criticism is different from destructive criticism,” Ejercito said.
He said that personally, he supported Pres. Duterte for his commitment to spend trillions of pesos to improve the country’s infrastructure.
However, he said that he opposed the proposed tax reform program as it was “too high.”
“There are still a lot of issues that the Senate has shown that we are independent though we support the administration,” the senator stressed.
“We have to maintain decency here,” he added.
In a separate press conference, Senate Majority Leader and chair of the Senate Ethics Committee Vicente Sotto III, like Ejercito, said that an apology would be the best step Trillanes could make.
Sotto said that it was the “honorable” thing to do but noted that he would not demand it form Trillanes. (Azer N. Parrocha/PNA

Lacson’s call to scrap talks with NDF backed by Davao traders


Besieged by the continuing extortion activities and attacks by communist insurgents on their businesses, Davao traders have thrown their support behind Senator Panfilo Lacson’s call to put off peace talks with the National Democratic Front (NDF) until the group can demonstrate its sincerity in pursuing the peace process.  

Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (DCCCII) president Ronald Go and Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA) president Alexander Valoria appealed to the government to heed Lacson’s call and take into account the damage inflicted by communist insurgents on Mindanao’s businesses. 

Valoria said the NDF obviously has no control over its armed unit — the New People’s Army (NPA)—which has continued its attacks not only on government installations, but also on private businesses, especially those operating banana and pineapple plantations in Mindanao. 

“We agree with Senator Lacson and join his call for the government to scrap its peace negotiations with the NDF. Unless the NDF and its armed group on the ground can show that it is sincere in pursuing genuine peace, it would be useless and futile to keep on talking,” Valoria said. “Treachery and betrayal have no place on the peace table.”

Go said “the continuing atrocities of the NPA prove that there is no central communist leadership that is capable of pursuing genuine peace with the government.”

“If that is the case then Senator Lacson is right to advise the government to hold off negotiations with the NDF,” Go added. 

Valoria and Go were referring to Lacson’s recent statement urging the Duterte administration to hold off peace talks with the NDF after the NPA attacked a police outpost in Iloilo last June 18, Sunday. 

The NPA was able to cart away firearms, communications equipment and a patrol vehicle during its attack at the police station in Maasin town in Iloilo. 

The attack occurred after Malacañang and the NDF separately said they would observe a truce in Mindanao so that security forces could focus on ending the siege of Marawi City by the Maute Group.

Malacanang said that while the NPA attack was not in Mindanao, it was “opportunistic in nature.” 

Last Friday, a still undetermined number of NPA rebels attacked a police detachment in Panabo City, Davao del Norte.

One policeman was killed during the encounter. 

Senator Lacson said “the first thing to consider before resuming the peace talks with the NDF is an assurance and clear proof that the NPA is still under the Communist Party of the Philippines-NDF control and direction.” 

Lacson, who chairs the Senate committee on public order, said recent events show that the NDF clearly has no control over the NPA.


The communist rebels apparently are further emboldened to continue their atrocities against business due to an order by the Philippine National Police (PNP) requiring company security personnel to deposit their high-powered firearms with the PNP. 

The directive  left us at the mercy of the NPA and other lawless elements who are armed with high-powered guns, Valoria said. 

The NPA will laugh at our shotguns and pistols as they can now easily overrun our facilities, Valoria said.

We are respectfully appealing to authorities to review this recent directive as we are left at the mercy of the NPA and other lawless elements which, in most cases, carry out their attacks using high-powered guns, Valoria said.