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DAVAO DEL NORTE Opinion: The good governance team



I am really not a political figure but entirely my professional career is to provide services to the Needy, Less Fortunate, and Marginalized Community; to the Local Government Structure for it to have a system of Quality Delivery of Services; to Uphold Good Governance to be more effective in our public intention.

All of this is an Aspiration where I have seen its reflections in the DAYADAY-CAMELLO Administration.

One of the most intriguing figures of their good governance is they were focused on delivering quality services to the very least fortunate household in Asuncion.

The Pabahay sa Lumad located at Barangay Camansa, Asuncion where the Asuncion Government was able to convince the National Housing Authority to provide a P200 million budget for the 100 houses intended for the victims of Typhoon Pablo.

It was already turned over to the IPs/ICCs of Barangay Camansa and beneficiaries already residing in the Pabahay Sites.Politically, this intention established the structures of the Pabahay sa Lumad at Camansa is not favorable to the DAYADAY-CAMELLO Administration as their tandem from previous two elections their tandem losses heavily in this barangay.

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Even the non-supported political views ofextended by the barangay captain, still, what reigns in their heart and the purity of their intention is to help in the spirit of good governance, is to seek and find the most marginalized community to be provided a better shelter for their families underlying any political consequences.

This is a clear manifestation that the DAYADAY-CAMELLO Administration is on the right track in serving the people of Asuncion. I am not a resident of Asuncion, but I rendered services to the place where I withness and believed that there is so much service to be done as more needy households expect government assistance especially in their needs of a better shelter.MY SUPPORT TO THE DAYADAY-CAMELLO ADMINISTRATION IS MY SUPPORT TO THE CAUSE OF GOOD GOVERNANCE